Diet plans that really work

78453880_XSApproximately 66% of US adults struggling with weight problems, according to Medline Plus. Eating large portions or not getting enough physical activity can contribute to this problem. Weight loss is a basic equation: calories consumed versus calories burned. When you reduce your intake of calories or burn extra calories through physical activity, you lose weight. However, choosing a diet plan that fits your lifestylecan help you lose weight and keep you jump from one diet to another.

Mayo Clinic Plan

The Mayo Clinic recommends the “Healthy Weight Pyramid Mayo Clinic” to successful weight loss. This program is not full of restrictions, just use a pyramid as an approach to eating. You must eat four or more servings of vegetables and three or more servings of fruit a day. You must consume up to eight servings of carbohydrates and seven servings of protein. You should also eat three to seven servings of protein. Sweets should add 75 calories or less per day, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Low-fat diets

Diets low in fat can be effective when closely monitors portion control. Low fat foods usually have few calories, reducing the amount of calories you consume each day (which makes you lose weight). By using this diet, do not forget to count calories. People can gain weight by eating too many foods low in fat and not paying attention to calories, says the Mayo Clinic.

Diet group

The group diets like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, can beeffective for people who enjoy the support of a group. These plans provide detailed weight loss programs and a weekly review to monitor progress. Some of this program are available online, making it easy part for people with busy lives.


Another diet for busy people are providers meals. These plans are more expensive than other methods and consist of ready to eat foods that are sent to your home. You need to buy perishable items such as fruits and vegetables. This plan can also be good for people who do not like to plan meals.

Diets to Avoid

When choosing a diet, make sure you can follow indefinitely. Diets that are too restrictive are difficult to follow long term. Diets low in carbohydrates and glycemic index diets can be difficult to maintain due to the limitation of carbohydrates, says the Mayo Clinic.


Tips for a flat stomach in three weeks

Eat fat burning foods

Experts agree that the abs are made ​​in the kitchen and you can use fat burning foods to take advantage in getting a toned, flat stomach in no time. According to David Zinczenko, author of the popular book “The Abs Diet”, foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables can keep you satiated and help cleanse the bowels. Choose foods high in protein such as lean chicken and turkey, fish, light and low-fat dairy to help promote muscle growth and recovery. Ten intended to replace saturated fats with healthy fats such as almonds, peanut butter, avocado andoil coconut adds flavor to meals and facilitates fat burning.


Avoid foods and drinks that cause swelling

Salt is the main food that causes swelling, so make sure you buy products low in sodium or sodium and do not think to take that salt shaker. The cola, diet colas and alcohol drinks also cause bloating, so drink water, tea or fresh juice to help keep your stomach flat. Refined carbohydrates include white bread, rice and pasta and sugar carbonates such as cakes, cookies and muffins may also cause swelling. Replace refined grains with whole and select black chocolate and fruit to provide you with sugar.

Incorporates cardio training effort in

For quick weight loss, incorporating at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise like brisk walking, running, swimming, biking and dancing six days a week. At least two sessions should focus on cardio interval training, or alternating cardio exercises steady speed. According to Pat O’Shea, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of exercise and sports science at the University of Oregon, intense interval training burns more fat and glycogen before and after training to steady cardio exercises and is “highly effective in alter the ratio of muscle mass and fat without compromising the first “: In addition to your cardio workout, implements a strength workout twice a week. Doing so will not only help you tone your abdominal muscles, but will increase your metabolic rate, although one pound (453 g) Fat Three burning calories a day, a pound (453 g) of muscle requires as much as 30 calories to function even with my rest. Since abdominal not require much rest between workouts as other muscle groups, you can work it up to six days a week to see results quickly.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can lead to water retention and overeating, two things that can make your stomach look bigger. According to the Council on Exercise US adult women need at least 91 ounces of water per day and a man at least 125 ounces. The more you exercise, the more water you have to drink. Water helps to eliminate toxins and keep your skin healthy. Although water alone is a good choice, you can also drink it as tea, fruit juice and 100 percent water with flavors like Vitamin Water.

Tips for a Flat Stomach

Whether you are a man or woman, a flat stomach is usually desired by all. Nevertheless, doing so can be difficult for many. Much the way people store body fat is due to genetics. Therefore, those who accumulate fat around the waist and stomach will find it an arduous task to achieve that flat stomach. Furthermore, it can be particularly difficult for women who have taken children. The key is a combination of diet and exercise.


Stability Ball

One way to focus on your abs is to work them with balls of stability. Do the exercises at least three times a week. One of them is to lie on your back on the floor with legs straight and arms raised over head. Hold your hands on the stability ball and brings the ball over your chest while you lift your legs and you place the ball between your ankles.

Sugar intake

Drastically reduce sugar intake is one of the tricks to getting a flat stomach . As high insulin levels contribute to abdominal fat, reduce insulin said, suppressing sugar intake will cause all fat, especially abdominal, is less. If your current diet is high in sugar, reducing it will be beneficial. No need to completely remove it from your diet. Only reduce as far as possible, the amount you consume it.


An easy trick to make your stomach look flatter stand always right. Also, you should not slouch when sitting. This not only shrink your stomach (which will make it look and feel more flat), but also strengthens the stomach muscles contracted, so a flatter stomach is achieved over time. Trust and stand up straight.


A healthy snack can also contribute to a flatter stomach. Snacks should contain protein and a limited amount of processed carbohydrates. Some of the options include nuts with an apple, a protein bar or shredded cheese. If possible, eat one of these snacks mid-afternoon. It will balance your blood sugar in the blood and also decrease insulin levels. You accumulate less fat around the midsection.

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